About Us

The Body Boutiq was founded by Kaelah Mitchell, a 19 year old women of color. Kaelah was just honestly tired of being ashy, household brands put way too much time on just making the products smell good but it doesn't actually keep our skin looking and feeling good. So we want to let you know that you don't have to suffer or sacrifice one thing for another anymore! We cracked the code with products that ACTUALLY work! 

Our Values

NO SACRIFICE  It's important to us that you should not have to choose between products that smell good or products that are actually goof for you. There was something missing! We create all of our products to have an double use advantage, it keeps you smelling good for hourss and keeps your body glowing all day and night!

QUALITY Everytime we make and pack your order we give it our 100% and will never sacrifice our quality.

FRESHNESS All products are made freshly EVERY WEEK with ingredients you can pronounce, understand and most importantly TRUST.